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Country: Bangladesh   (Current Status : 2021)

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Timeliness of Data Entry
Digital and Case based
No case based system
Only DR TB case based
Only DS TB case based
Both DR TB and DS TB case based
Scale/coverage case based
No case based system functional at facilities or Pilot (any DS TB or DR TB)
DR TB full coverage
DS TB expanding (at least 25% national coverage)
Both DS TB and DR TB full national coverage
Surveillance - Level and granularity (Data use)
Data use-blank (no evidence of any use)
Offline data analysis at national/sub national level
Dashboards, feedbacks - only programmes at national/sub national level (Data in programme domain)
Publically available data(webpages)/geo spots etc, at all levels
IT system and support team
No, supported externally (piloting with external funding)
Yes, IT system software available, more hardware needed, Team supported externally
Yes, inhouse team and software available, need more hardware support/data entry gadgets etc
Full IT system, inhouse team ready.
Cascade of care (comprehensiveness)
Notification only
Treatment initiation to outcome
Testing to outcome
Presumptive to outcome